Calendar of Events 2021

12pm start
LMCC 2’s LMCC 3’sHome
28thHampshire PoliceHampshire PoliceLMCC
(could change to 4th Sept, watch this space)
1st teamPurbrookAway
1:30 start
Mixed 2’s & 3’sNew MiltonHome
8th1st teamHook & NB IIHome
8th2nd teamCadnamAway
8th3rd teamBurridge IIIHome
8th4th teamCalmore IVAway
9thLadiesBasingstoke & NHHome
9thWoodhouse TrophyFawleyAway
12thHampshire PoliceHampshire PoliceLMCC
15th1st teamGosportAway
15th2nd teamNew Milton IIHome
15th3rd teamFair Oak IIIAway
15th4th teamIBM Hursley IIIHome
16thLadiesYateley IIAway
22nd1st teamTrojansHome
22nd2nd teamPaultons IIAway
22nd3rd teamCompton & CF IIIAway
22nd4th teamPaultons IIIAway
23rdLadiesAldershot IIHome
29th1st teamHambledonHome
29th2nd teamSarisbury Athletic IIAway
29th3rd teamOld Netley & Highfield IIHome
29th4th teamBurridge IV Home
30th LadiesRowledgeAway
31st3 Wise Monkeys Charity DayHome
5th1st teamHythe & DibdenAway
5th2nd teamOld Netley & HighfieldHome
5th3rd teamKnowle VillageAway
5th4th teamBishops Waltham IVAway
6thWoodhouse TrophySwayHome
9thHampshire PoliceHampshire PoliceLMCC
12th 1st teamTichborne ParkHome
12th 2nd teamFair Oak IIAway
12th 3rd teamFollands IIHome
12th 4th teamFawley IIIHome
13thLadiesSt Cross IIHome
13thWoodhouse TrophySwayAway
19th1st teamBasingstoke & NH IIAway
19th2nd teamUnited ServicesHome
19th3rd teamKnights ValleyAway
19th4th teamSarisbury Athletic IVAway
Mixed 1’s 2’s & 3’sBurridgeHome
20thLadiesCove IIAway
26th1st teamPortsmouth & SouthseaHome
26th2nd teamPortsmouth & Southsea IIAway
26th3rd teamSouthampton Community IIHome
26th4th teamLocks Heath IIIHome
27thWoodhouse TrophyHytheHome
noon til 5.00pm
New Forest School Sports PartnershipsRian Drake at Testwood SchoolLMCC
3rd1st teamPurbrookHome
3rd2nd teamCalmore Sports IIAway
3rd3rd teamAmpfield & NBHome
4thLadiesYateley IIHome
Start 5:15
T20Contact Dharak Pandya 07887405513Home
10th1st teamHook & NB IIAway
10th2nd teamTotton & Eling IIHome
10th3rd teamBishops Waltham IIIAway
10th4th teamSouthampton Travellers IIHome
11thLadiesAldershot IIAway
11thWoodhouse TrophyFawleyHome
17th1st teamGosportHome
17th2nd teamMudefordAway
17th3rd teamSarisbury Athletic IIIHome
17th4th teamNorth Stoneham & EastleighAway
18th LadiesRowledgeHome
24th1st teamTrojansAway
24th2nd teamHayling IslandHome
24th3rd teamHursley Park IVHome
24th4th teamLocks Heath IVHome
Start time tbc
Bournemouth Schools Associates Home
31st1st teamHambledonAway
31st2nd teamSouthampton CommunityHome
31st3rd teamIBM Hursley IIAway
31st4th teamTotton & Eling IVAway
1stLadiesSt Cross IIAway
7th1st teamHythe & DibdenHome
7th2nd teamLocks HeathAway
7th3rd teamTrojans IIHome
7th4th teamTrojans IIIHome
8thLadiesCove IIHome
14th1st teamTichborne ParkAway
14th2nd teamFollandsHome
14th3rd teamCalmore IIIAway
14th4th teamCompton & CF IVAway
15th LadiesBasingstoke & NHAway
21st1st teamBasingstoke & NH IIHome
21st2nd teamVerwood Away
21st3rd teamOakmount Home
21st4th teamSt Cross Syms VIHome
22ndWoodhouse TrophyHytheAway
22ndMixed 1’s 2’s & 3’sBurridgeAway
28th1st teamPortsmouth & SouthseaAway
28th2nd teamKeralaHome
28th3rd teamHythe & Dibden IIIAway
28th4th teamTwyford IIHome
29thSuper 8'sHome
reserve date for 1st May fixture
1st team PurbrookAway
19thWessex Pilgrims Touring SideHome